Professional Web Design

A good website needs to work seamlessly and look flawless. Websites need to promote your brand, be easy to use, and facilitate transactions. The way in which your website is designed will often determine whether a visitor stays or leaves.

Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) is a system used to manage the content of a Web site. The content management system allows the content manager or author to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a Web site without needing the expertise of a website designer.

Ecommerce Online Stores

A reliable eCommerce solution, in the right context, has the potential to generate a considerable return on investment for your business.


If a picture's worth a thousand words, imagine what full-motion video can do for you.
Lito Media Productions is an innovative video production, providing total video production services for corporate clients within moderated priced.
With our own broadcast quality cameras, we have experienced producing best quality single and multi-camera video.
Lito Media Productions provides motion graphics and video production for clients. Video production services include:
•    Hi-Def Videos
•    PR Videos
•    Conference Videos
•    Construction Industry
•    Corporate Videos
•    Testimonial Videos
•    Wedding Videos
•    Training Videos
•    TV Commercials
•    Travel & Living Videos
•    Event Videos
•    CD Rom & DVD Duplication
•    Videos for Websites
•    On-Location Shooting
Video Production for the Small Screen

DVD and CD-ROM production involves many creative and technical skills and careful management. Video production for television requires planning and an understanding of color, size, and timing. A professional-quality DVD video production requires expert compression for the video, but also includes interactive menus, special features, a master file for the duplication house, and an engaging product and package design. From DVDs and CD-ROMs to television commercials and tradeshow videos, video podcasting, ipod video, and webmercials AMS's video production services are comprehensive, wide-reaching, and backed by an expert video production team.

Video Production for the Web

It's time to consider combining the two most powerful media in history: TV and the Internet.

Television and video productions have long encouraged us to sit back and enjoy−to be passive receptors for information. It's one-way communication. TVs can't listen. But the web can. Imagine the visitor who reaches your website from a search engine, and along with your greatly optimized content they watch a short video. You are possibly delivering the same message as the text, but rather than scrolling and skimming through it, they release the mouse and are touched by the magic only a video production can offer. Your audience can then get in touch with you easily because they are already on your website! Through applications, shopping carts, surveys, and contact forms, visitors become customers with the click of a button.

Bring the compelling power of video production to your website, and you'll open up valuable opportunities for interactivity, tracking, and personalization.

Video + the web. It's a powerhouse combination. If you're thinking of exploring the possibilities, we're ready when you are.

Video Production Services:

Internet Video Production
DVDs and CD-ROMs
Trade show & boardroom video
Television commercials
Digital signage & kiosks
On-location shooting
Video + Web Agency

Web: LMP can design your web site, build your web site with content management, and offer the ability to control your home page presentation slides with images, Flash and video. And the video would be produced as an integrated element of the web site because our team understands that the most compelling assets to your new web site would be the video.

Video: One great advantage video has over the web site is the ever growing methods of delivery. Your web site has but one. LMP can repurpose your video content for use on video sharing web sites, mobile devices like phones and ipods, video podcasting, trade shows, dvd, digital signage, even television. Imagine using the same footage shot and edited in training videos and sales videos.

Adding video content to a web page gives you the best of both worlds: the compelling power of video content and the listening power of the web. You're seeing more of this powerhouse combination every day. Thinking of taking advantage of these possibilities?